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Mixing Social Media and Photography

In the world of social media, photographers have a better opportunity to
gain a following. These followers don’t always care about you personally. They may care about the company you work for, or your profession, or the views you represent, or the subjects you present. As a photographer it is important to create images few others can, that are desirable and ultimately in demand. Average work will not pay the bills and “good enough” is not good enough anymore.
More than ever, the world of new media offers opportunity to gain and share knowledge. Today’s photographer must take advantage of the information offered by the online world. New media outlets allow serious photographers to advance their craft, increase knowledge and share results.


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  1. I think you have mastered the art of fine photography. Your work is well balanced and you consider composition and color inevery shot. I’m a photograph enthusist and believe that they deliver a quality that can not be attained in paintings or drawings. The fact that you have a diverse collection of nature, architectural and abstract works is wonderful. Most photographers do not offer such a wide variety of works. I can’t wait to see your future works.

    <3 Heather

  2. On my way to my food blog I found an interest in photography - I’m a rank amateur but enjoy it very much. Since I have no background in it, when I’m looking for photos taken by more experienced people, I’m pretty much randomly poking around in Google, or following links that I catch in Twitter. I quite like the ‘random’ factor, but it’s also highlighted to me (both from the photography and food angles) just how many interesting and talented people are out there. I know there’s no where enough time to see everyone I’d like to, but it’s nice to catch a link here and there.

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