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Stormy Seas Photography Giveaway

Introducing Stormy Seas Photography’s first promotional give away. We are giving away a free framed 8×10 of the image below to a randomly selected person that comments on any image on the website. A valid comment on any  of the images on www.stormyseasphotography.com along with a valid email address will get you considered for the giveaway. Considerations for this promotional giveaways are purely random. The winner will recieve their prize shipped by mail free of any charges. This is at least a $200 value. Please contact me at info@stormyseasphotography.com for additional information. Also, please pass this along. Only those who leave valid comments will be considered.

Stormy Seas Photography

I was on my way to photograph a golf course early one morning around 6:30am when I saw this shot. I simply had to pull over and take it. It was a very foggy morning when the sun rose up through the fog. I didn’t get anything nearly this good at the golf course. Sometimes the best shot is the first one when you first get to the site or the last shot as you leave the site. I can not explain it but it is a fairly consistent phenomenon.

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  2. Love your work!

  3. Picture Perfect. My husband loved to golf- the earlier the better. Having dropped him off one moning, I too had seen the sun as you have pictured here. Great Shot. Brings back memories for me as my husband has passed.

  4. This is a perfect meditative image.

  5. I love the yellow and greys. It is soft and moody.

  6. This is ghostly. There’s a field near my house that seems to gather the fog when there’s none elsewhere; it almost seeps out onto the road next to it. Very creepy, but very beautiful! This is almost reminiscent of an African sunrise, perhaps because of those wonderful silhouettes - my favorite part is the back grouping of trees, partially obscured by fog. Very nice! :)

  7. Beautiful shot. Almost surreal.

  8. I love how your captured the sun in the fog but that you can tell that. The brightness still radiates underneath the fog. I also like how you framed this photo. I love the tree to the right side.

    Nice work.

  9. Spooooooky!

  10. Great stuff Roger!! Does have a creepy feel but it works.

  11. Rodger,

    The photo is great. The contrast of the fog/smoke on the upper 3rd to the sun is amazing. The framing with the trees is also excellent.

  12. “Phenomenon” is the best word to use to describe this photo. In addition to the sun’s appearance beneath the fog, I am fond of the glowing atmosphere just above the horizon. What an exquisite shot!

  13. I’ve had those moments too - and glad when I have the camera and the rubber boots to take advantage of the opportunity for a once in a lifetime kind of moment - did you laugh out loud when you knew you had the shot? Good job !

  14. Think picture calms me down a lot. I really like the contrast in the tones. It looks as though the sun is drawing the moon in. The lines in the cloud create almost a vaccum look to assist the whole effect. This picture is beautiful. Great Job!

  15. Excellent composition. This is a picture that would go perfectly in just about any room. Nature photography is so facinating. You were very fortunate to get a shot this beautiful. Moments like these are near impossible to duplicate. Keep up the fabulous work. I have bookmarked your site so I can keep up with you. <3 Heather

  16. The fairly consistent phenomenon is how Ansel Adams explained Moonrise over New Mexico.

  17. Fabulous shot which reminds us to look around us more often. Beautiful life can pass us by if we’re not looking for it .

  18. Incredible images, congrats on having such a great eye. Loved all the nature shots and your talent in creativity. Look forward to seeing more of your work.

    Good luck, keep shooting!

  19. Totally love the shot with all the lines, really beautiful creation!


  20. I particularly like the photo at the top right of your home page. It is fascinating…increadable three dimentional aspect to it. The photo draws the vieweres eyes deeper into it, yet at the same time, if you focus, it has and optical illusion effect by reversing itself and appears to stand out. Excellent composition.

  21. This is a beautiful photo. The division of the black silhouette and the gold sky is perfect. The ghostly appearance of the sun is enchanting. Wonderful job,

  22. The picture is a perfect vision of my Monday morninngs-dark, dark clouds on the horizon, but just as sure as anything, the sun is beginning to shine. Better days ahead.

  23. Hi Roger, This shot has an otherworldly feel to it. I like the lemon cast of the rising sun and surrounding sky, which distinguishes the shot from the ruddy amber/orange tones of a sunset. Also like your Symmetry of Lines piece. Nice work! Hope you’ll take at look at my Ameriku (trademark) art at http://www.ameriku.com. Working on some new pieces involving mixed media on canvas as we speak. Rae

  24. Truly spectacular shot. Right place, right time. Keep on shooting.


  25. I had a similar experience. I shot a great sunrise over a field behind a Hardee’s as I was pulling in for breakfast. Who knew!

  26. What a wonderful way to allow your mind to wander and contemplate our world.
    Thank you.

  27. The magnanimous glow of sunlight from the horizon conveys a strength that it has catapulted the sun upward to carry out its daily illuminary task. I didn’t get a sense of eeriness from this photo; my first though is how the image conveys the incredible power of our sun.

  28. Questions about the sunrise photo - did you use any filters to get the colors the way they are? Did you enhance it using a computer program? I like the silhouette of the trees and the almost smoke quality of the clouds covering the sun. The composition is very nice… The sun isn’t dead center, the silhouette of the trees pulls the viewer in from the left, along the bottom of the photo and up the right side and then into the center to the sun. It has a nice flow about it… I like it!

  29. This photo reminds me of growing up in San Francisco. We never knew if that fog would burn off or linger all day…a beautiful shot—well composed and captured–which brings back great memories. Thank you!